Texas Rodeo Bible Camp - Guidelines

  1. Campers are not permitted to leave the grounds unless permission has been obtained from the Camp Director.
  2. Campers are expected to be prompt to all meals and meetings.
  3. Campers are required to attend all scheduled activities.
  4. Boys are not permitted in the girls sleeping area at anytime and the girls are not permitted in the boys sleeping area at anytime.
  5. The bucking machine is under the supervision of the Rough Stock Instructor and may be used only when he is running the controls.
  6. Every camper is responsible for his/her own personal belongings.
  7. Any camper defacing camp property must pay for the damage incurred.
  8. Campers are required to stay in their sleeping quarters from the time of "lights out" until morning.
  9. It is expected that everyone will dress in a manner pleasing to God and does not draw unnecessary attention to self. Questions in this area should be directed to Team Leaders.
  10. Radio, cassette/CD players, TVs and cell phones are not permitted by campers.
  11. We encourage Christ honoring relationships between boys and girls. No public display of affection (no laying or sitting on a member of the opposite sex).
  12. Any case of injury or illness to campers or animals must be reported at once.
  13. No roping or rough housing of anyone at any time. Humane treatment of animals is expected at all times.
  14. Everyone is expected to stay at camp until pictures are taken and awards are presented following the conclusion of the rodeo on the last day.
  15. ABSOLUTLY NO motorized vehicles will be driven by campers. This includes personal vehicles. Camp director will secure all personal vehicles keys due to safety reasons. All Keys will be returned at the completion of camp.
  16. Campers may leave the grounds at completion of camp only with the permission of the Camp Director.
  17. Campers who do not comply with the camp guidelines will be ineligible for awards and can be sent home at their own expense.